Studio Apartment Project for Working Women Project

Ongoing / New Projects

The ‘Studio Apartment for Working Women Project’ was envisaged to provide good quality decent and safe accommodation for women working in Kerala in the form of one bedroom studio apartments on rental basis.

This project is being envisaged considering the issues faced by working women across Kerala in finding suitable accommodation near places of work. The project aims to empower working women by providing housing facilities to aid their careers.

The apartments are proposed with one bedroom, common hall, a kitchen and basic furnishings such as a cot, table, chair and cupboards. The apartment complexes will have all required fire safety, sewage treatment and rain water harvesting facilities along with diesel generator backup systems. A CCTV system and solar power electricity generation system is also proposed. A reception area and common hall for the apartment complex is also considered.

BFK is in the process of implementing two schemes under the project in Thiruvananthapuram and Kannur districts.