The Apna Ghar Project aims at developing hygienic and safe rental accommodation for Domestic Migrant Labourers in Kerala.

Kerala has been witnessing a steady inflow of migrant labourers from other States of India particularly from West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Uttar Pradesh and Orissa. The Department of Labour and Skills, Government of Kerala has observed that the housing and living conditions of most of these Domestic Migrant Labourers is very poor with limited access to even water supply and basic sanitation facilities. Due to the lack of facilities their cooking, bathing, etc often takes place in the open. The increasing housing rent has also made it difficult for small businesses to provide good accommodation for the domestic migrant labourers employed by them.

The poor living conditions of the domestic migrant labourers have raised concerns of the spread of diseases within their groups and also among the local populations. Taking this and also the contribution by the domestic migrant labourers to the economy and development of the State, the Department of Labour and Skills decided to take proactive steps to provide assistance through a hygienic living conditions at affordable rent instead of depending on the vagaries of the market forces.

The Schemes under the Apna Ghar Project are proposed to be implemented in areas across Kerala with high concentrations of Domestic Migrant Labourers.